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Professional Résumé Writing Services


Danville Business Center offers résumé writing services that clearly and effectively reflect your personal skills and experiences. Our goal is to make your job search more pleasant and less stressful by working with you to design a résumé that will help you land the job you desire. Come into our office for a one-on-one consultation with our professional résumé writers and see the difference for yourself. You will be sure to walk away with a résumé that depicts a complete picture of your strengths, work experience and accomplishments.  

This package is designed for the entry level job seeker who has limited job experience.  Our staff will interview you to develop a focused résumé that will highlight your marketable skills. Leave with a résumé that reflects not only your experience but also your potential. We will create a one page résumé from one of our standard formats and provide you with 5 laser printed copies.
This package is designed for those who are currently employed or who have been away from the job market and are in need of an updated résumé. Our staff will streamline the formatting of your résumé and insert a more powerful syntax to create a real attention grabber. If you are making a career change, we will analyze your existing résumé in order to extract those transferable skills that are applicable to your new career. We will create a one page résumé from one of our standard formats and provide you with 10 laser printed copies.

This package is designed for senior management, executive sales or technical positions with extensive job experience. You could update your résumé yourself but you are too busy or are looking for a discreet pair of eyes that will give your résumé an edge over your competition. We understand your industry terminology, your valuable time, and your ambition. We will create a multiple page résumé with custom formatting and provide you with 10 laser printed copies.

Retyping of cover letter or thank you letter $30.00/page
Composition of custom cover letter and thank you letter: $40.00/page


  • Reference List $30.00/page

  • E-mail documents $5.00/email
  • Laser prints on résumé paper $0.75/page
  • Matching envelopes $0.25 each
  • Revisions $30.00 minimum

All packages require a 50% cash or check deposit prior to beginning work.  Résumés are stored on our computers for one year.